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    Youth Camps

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This land has sustained the local Aboriginal people for milliennia. Cultural knowledge has been passed on from one generation to the next, making it the oldest living culture in the world. Our camps combine broader outdoor activities and attractions with hands on insights and learnings from our local Aboriginal guides.

Youth Camps

Wula Gura Nyinda has been operating Youth Leadership camps for the past five years. Our programs combine fun and learning in pristine wilderness environments with life skills, knowledge and insights from one of the oldest living cultures in the World. We partner with schools, youth organisations, government agencies and the tourism industry. Our nature based activities are designed to foster strong team building in a fun and interactive way and can include:

    • Local Aboriginal history and culture
    • Kayaking, fishing, snorkelling, hiking
    • Identifying bushtucker and bush medicine plants
    • Wildlife conservation (tagging, tracking)
    • Bush survival skills (safety, finding water)
    • Wilderness camping
    • Campfire stories and Didgeridoo playing

More Details

Please contact us to tailor your own personal package. We have the capacity to cater for up to 20 participants. For larger groups we will work with partner organisations.

These packages are perfect for School, Youth and Special Interest Groups.

Tour Overview

Each itinerary is designed individually. We are flexible with duration, location and activities in programs.


"My Shark Bay experience was incredibly insightful and impassioning. Capes’ wealth of knowledge was completely enlightening and captivating for never in my eighteen years have I known more about my culture. If I was to write down everything that I learnt I could probably publish a series of novels. Capes covered everything from food and medicines to spiritual aspects of Aboriginal culture. Over the trip I was given the opportunity to connect with the other Aboriginal students and build friendships and together we have become a family that I am proud to belong to. Together we connected to the land and connected to the Aboriginal culture.

Being, well put bluntly a very pale Indigenous person I have never felt like I have belonged along my peers who of the majority are white and whilst not intentionally, they may have passed judgements on other Indigenous members of our society. This has always made me uncomfortable and almost embarrassed to be an Aborigine so much so that I lived in fear to identify as such. The Shark Bay experience was incredibly empowering and I couldn’t be more proud to be Aboriginal. I will never forget “respect for country, respect for culture,” as it has become an important apart of who I am. Capes has significantly influenced the formation of my identity and has inspired a newfound pride in me, which was the ultimate goal of the experience."

"I am an Associate Director with the Midwest Academy working within the Clontarf Foundation. The school I am attached to is John Willcock College and we are based in the City of Geraldton, Western Australia.

Every year we travel to Shark Bay for our year 9 Leadership Camp which consists of around twenty to thirty boys in the first term. There are a few boxes which need to be ticked when running our camps and the program the Wula Guda Nyinda Aboriginal Eco Adventures delivers ticks these boxes.

We mention to the tour company what we would like and they then adjust the tour to suit our needs. The professional level that the tours are executed puts this tour group at the front of the tourism industry. Local guide Darren Capewell has always had our students fully engaged in the delivery of his custom designed tours throughout the whole session.

Storytelling and the local knowledge that the tour provides is very educational and activities that we have undertaken, dates back to when the original descendants of the Malgana People inhabited the land. Sessions are very informative and the environment is second to none. Being classed as a World Heritage Area, Wula Guda Nyinda’s office is as good as it gets as the scenery is remarkable and the culture is powerful.

Whether you are doing Kayaking in the Little Lagoon, Bush walking out of Monkey Mia or the Didgeridoo Dreaming Tour under the stars, Wula Guda Nyinda delivers. I have no trouble in recommending Wula Guda Nyinda Aboriginal Eco Adventures to any school group or families on holidays as I think this is one adventure not to miss."