• The Enviroment

    The Enviroment

    World Heritage Listed Area

We encourage tour participants to engage with Aboriginal culture
through learning to live in harmony with the environment and embracing
the philosophy of leaving country as it is found.

It is a simple philosophy, but it is one that has seen the land preserved and sustained for thousands of years by local Aboriginal people and is one of the most important guiding principles for the Malgana and Nhanda tribes.

Out of respect for Aboriginal customs we ask that you adhere to some basic rules, including no smoking, shirts must be worn at all times and please tread lightly on the ground, step only in the footsteps of the tour guide and be careful to not break sticks or tree branches.

Education, understanding and respect.
Our role is to reconnect people to the planet.

Guda Nyinda translates to ‘you come this way’ a traditional term for intergenerational sharing, which is a means of passing on wisdom and a pivotal element of the Aboriginal way of life.

Sharing culture and encouraging respect for Aboriginal customs and traditions is the key motivation of our tours, which operate under the philosophy of education, understanding and respect (EUR).

At Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures, this term has also come to embody intercultural sharing. We are committed to providing tours which allow visitors to discover Gutharraguda (Shark Bay) through Aboriginal eyes, ultimately enriching their appreciation of the region and presenting an experience that pays homage to its remarkable history.